Dance Party. As it is abbreviated to "DP", this can be confused with Douple Penetration. This is half the fun of yelling out "lets get a DP going!" at a crowded house party.
I love a good DP!
by The Burd November 30, 2009
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Displaced person(s)- generally a post WWII term for European immigrants that came to the US following the war- derogatory
Damn DPs are t akin over the neighborhood.
by anonymous777 July 31, 2005
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Abbreviation for Don't Publish, used by Urban dictionary editors who get tired of seeing kids put they're friends name in as a word and talk great things about them.
an amazing girl with alotta heart. her appearence may fool you, but dont be shocked one day when you are working for her. you may not think anything of her now, but you wait. she wears her heart on her sleeve, and though she may not always show it, she really does care. she may tell you that she doesnt, but dont believe that... inside she is really dying to tell someone;anyone that will listen!

Editor: Sigh, DP
by Novacaine86 May 16, 2010
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DP is akronyms for Danish Pilsner.
''So what do you think of DP?''
- ''OMG I LOVE DP!!''
by Malkatrix April 17, 2015
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When two males penetrate a female in multiple areas of her body, whether it's the vagina, ass, mouth, etc.
T.J. and Winston completely DP'ed Kaitlyn all night long, last night.
by troyboy39 December 02, 2007
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