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by Vega$ Bill November 28, 2002
DP, or short for Dynamic Programming (not to be confused with Double Penetration) is a methodology for solving complex problems by breaking them down to overlapping sub-problems. In most cases, DP problems are hard to solve by yourself, so learning DP with friends is extremely recommended -- in which case you may as well begin practicing the other DP variant as well.
My friends and I got stuck trying to solve this DP problem, so we just ended up DP'ing this girl instead.
by aaandrew December 17, 2014
1 Step away from airtight. When a woman is penetrated in both an anal and vaginal fashion, at the same time. Requires a buddy.
Man, I dont know what to do, this girl I just met is really into DP.
by S.O July 15, 2004
Hood slang for dynamic programming, a method of solving complex problems by breaking them down into simpler sub-problems.
Rohan: Yo my nig did you solve that bitch ass 0-1 knapsack problem yet?

Raul: Hell damn ass yes, I slapped some DP on that bitch and fucked it right up!
by dr0101 July 29, 2010
DP is short for Dr.Pepper
What would you like to drink?
I will have a DP , please.
by Proper Terms. January 30, 2016
n. Acronym for Display Picture. Can be any sort of profile picture on a social networking site (such as facebook) or an instant messaging system.

v. To put a picture as your profile picture on social networking site or instant messaging system.
n. Aw, your dp is so cute! I'm going to steal it.

v. I love this, you should definitely dp this pic!
by theoriginal1234 June 22, 2009
dp is when a male sends a dick pic to a female short for dick pic usually used through text , picture of ones penile , sholongdong , penis and sent through picture form. DP = DICK PICK 8===> ——- dick picture.
“ I sent my gf a dp and she couldn’t stop saying how big it is.” “ I sent Sasha a dp and she said I have a chode.” “That female is such a thot the hoe kept wanting dp and starting telling people I had a shrimp and she couldn’t stop talking about how she wanted to suck it.” “ Imma send that bombass girl some dp.”
by slang nation August 01, 2018