a postural way to express regret. For a stronger effect plant your face on the floor. In case of apologising to a person of higher authority it is not uncommon to let barking or even meowing sounds out to express your regret. At the same time deep breathing in this position can help you relieve personal stress accumulated in the situation.
After driving a motorbike into his bosses parked car, he had to spend half an hour downward dogging in the office until the boss finally decided to give up and forgive.
by yogamadd October 21, 2013
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The sexual position most recommended for women who are suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. To get into this position, the woman should stand upright, then lean over forward until she must catch herself with her hands on the floor in front of her. This puts her entry way at an approximate 30 degree angle to her lover. Her lover then does his duty, and does his very best. This also happens to be the most ergonomically correct position for Shocker insertion. Also See - shocker. One may also make a "ruff ruff" noise as intercourse takes place, giving it a true "dog" feel.
Lady Madoline was very horny, but her plantar fasciitis was acting up, so she opted for the Downward Dog, and it was nice. Quite nice.
by Steven the Man June 12, 2013
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a sex position used for when your fucking your dog
tyler was using downward dog last night
by shekby October 20, 2019
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Which He/She does a Downward Dog And He/She Farts On His/Her Face.
Bob Couldn’t Get Out of the Way But He Farted On Gorky Melmacian.
If Flo can do downward dog for a few.
by MayDayMeh June 19, 2018
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Similar position of a reverse crunch. Allows maximum level of insertion AND engages your abdominals. This position is also for when you're feeling a little experimental and when you wanna work out.
Last night me and the homie tried reverse downward dog. Great cool down after hitting legs bro. Who needs to train abs when you can do the reverse downward dog!
by DatNickkerr April 27, 2023
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another insane and must likely unattainable sex position invented by the horny middle aged women who work at cosmopolitan. if one wants to "try" the one handed diagonal downward dog one must first know what the reverse cowgirls is and go from there.
friend1:"I had the most incredible sex with tony last night we tried out the best new position."
friend2:"Oh Em Gee what's it called? I HAVE to know"
friend1:"The one handed diagonal downward dog duh! what else? haven't you read your latest cosmo?"
by bretheren April 29, 2005
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When one man slaps his penis repeatedly on another mans belly whilst the second man strokes the other mans nipples.
Rob and Shavak did the downward dog last night
by RobertRemi February 9, 2020
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