Adj. 1)perjorative. used to describe a person who is not only dorky, but acts like a cheesy game show host.

2)a term used to decribe someone who is suave in a very nerdy way. An endearing term.
Ex. 1-The guy I work with at tech support is so gorky. He sidled up to me, snapped and pointed his finger, and said, "Hey babe, wanna see my new calculator?"

Ex. 2-Wow, he is so cute in a gorky way. He kept talking about his synthesizer and I had no idea what he was talking about, but it still was really hot.
by TheSarahShow December 3, 2004
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A girl who is dorky, yet still fashionable and cute.
by Uglybass December 5, 2010
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Adj. A word used to express satisfaction, acceptance, pleasure, excellence, approval, awe, or reverence. When used, the tone of voice often expresses what emotion is being articulated.

Feel free to add a different suffix to the word gorky to spice it up a bit. Some examples include gorkalicious and gorked up.
1. After sinking the ball in the last cup during a heated game of beer pong, Eric turns to Dan, nods his head and simply says gorky to exress his approval.

2. When at the beach for Memorial Day weekend Eric moved the car so Dan could have a place to park. To express his excitement, Dan sends Eric a text that says, gorky!

3. Shortly after establishing their bromance Dan and Eric high fived after Dan said he was so gorked up for the Rihanna concert.
by Flakey 16 June 3, 2011
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A girly comment from a non girly but geeky girl
That was a gorky comment!
by JamoHan April 16, 2010
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Dorky and girly Bolivian girls who act hipster on a weekly basis
Person 1: Look at those Bolivians over there carrying old vinyl records!

Person 2: Yea they definitely are gorky.
by sammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm May 20, 2012
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lanky, freakishly tall uncoordinated person, extremely goofy and maybe somewhat retarted, a step above a goon. When naming a person use gork, not gorky
That dude on the english world cup soccer team is totally gorky, he can barely stand up straight. He's like 6 foot 6 and weighs about 120 pounds.
by john and steve July 1, 2006
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Dorky and geeky. Can be loud and trying to be cool while everyone is laughing at his or her face. Billy Mays
Billy Mays is so gorky that he yells everything he says in his commercials.
by Durango April 23, 2006
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