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dat one girl dat u kno is down for u 4 life!
caitlyns my baby, my down girl 4 life.......
by 503mothafuckasssss September 26, 2010
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1. A desperate and potentially ugly girl who is so dumb that she is often mistaken as having down syndrome. Often dates douchebags. Most commonly found in the Mid-West of the United States.

2. A term used by douchebags to refer to their "girlfriends" under the mistaken belief that it means "girls who are down and cool with the hommies".
1. "Did you see who was making out with Johnny last night at the party?" "You mean that down girl? He had to have been really drunk."

2. David Sage: "Brah, I totes gots so hellah many downgirls back home in Nebraska."

Anyone nearby: "............"
by bedbugsmakemeitchy November 24, 2009
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