A nigga or a bitch that is down aka ride or die for what ever, when ever, how ever, for their significant other/lover or friends/potnas. When times hit rock bottom or don't go as planned they are down and willing to stick it out and make it through the rain.
Terrell was a down bottom nigga but I took him for granted.
by Moniee July 16, 2008
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the sunset valley level on the famous game Fun Run
down bottom

1. Whoop dat ass down bottom brahh
by Finesse A January 16, 2013
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Bottoms down means that you are done doing shots and do not want to end up with a six star hangover.
Annie's friends were taking shots one after another and Annie did not want to get involved, so she said bottoms down.
by PWS27 May 7, 2017
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