2 definitions by Moniee

A superficial shallow bitch/hoe. A girl who thinks she is fly/fine/tha shit/top notch. But in reality is a rock bottom hoe.

A girl who fronts and acts like she has her shit together and talks a lot of shit but can't back it up.

She thinks she is hella fine but really is hurt.

A broke silly hoe who ain't got doe stays broke but fronts like she is independent and got it.

Nigga's use her but she is convinced they like her or her but can't be a nigga's main bitch coz she is embarrassing to claim coz she ain't attractive.

Loud ghetto bitch.
Damn! Look at that big ass ambezzie thinking she doin something in her ford! Haha, that is why she can't get a man.
by Moniee July 18, 2008
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A nigga or a bitch that is down aka ride or die for what ever, when ever, how ever, for their significant other/lover or friends/potnas. When times hit rock bottom or don't go as planned they are down and willing to stick it out and make it through the rain.
Terrell was a down bottom nigga but I took him for granted.
by Moniee July 17, 2008
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