Hairy Boobies or Hair Around he Boobies
Lee Has Hoobies!!
He Should Shave Them!!
by --SqueaK-- September 06, 2005
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I went to college with a chick who had hoobies.

Hey, Bra Bra, Did you see all those HOOBIES hangin' out at that hotsprings?!?!
by K.C.Natas September 26, 2007
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A corruption of the phrases “oh boy”, “hoo boy”, and “boy howdy”.

Sometimes it is also used as an adjective or noun, although as either it doesn’t have much of a meaning.

Pronounced often as “HOO-BEE”, sometimes with the “Hoo” extended a bit longer if the speaker is particularly exasperated.
“You did what to who? Hooby.”

“Hooby, that’s an issue.”

“Our Hooby”

What the fuck is a Hooby”
by Lokadoka May 21, 2018
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Refers to a girl prone to creating or participating in trivial matters of gossip (otherwise known as drama), due to lack of having anything better to do with her time, such as enjoying a hobby. Created as a result of a typo while using Instant Messenger chat software.
Check out that hooby, she is already talking shit about everyone in the club.
by Epic909 December 15, 2003
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