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to return to the place where you started from, usually faster then getting to where you are now.
"We had to double back to the car when Jimmy realized he left his keys in it."
by westman November 11, 2003
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A term used to describe a girl who has no breasts at all. None what so ever.
by T-Bizzle March 08, 2004
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Working closing shift, say 4PM to Midnight, only to have to be back early in the AM. Common among convenience stores, and police departments.
Man, I'm wiped. Worked Swing shift last night, had to double-back to the Physical Fitness test this morning. NOTHING beats a timed run on 4 hours' sleep...
by Dances_With_Beer April 26, 2011
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when you stand there moving back and forth making your dick go back and forth try to catch it with your legs behind your ass and turn around and show everyone
drew was doing a double back to show he was big.
by michael brawner April 11, 2004
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A technically advanced manouver involving swinging your nuts and nob back and forth and when they are on the way back you (gently) close your legs leaving a fruit salad at the back and a mangina at the front... ("look m'a no hands!")
Refer one of Jackass volumes (dont remember which one)
by Midget October 11, 2004
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when a male bends over a moves rapidly back and forth and positions his cock between his legs, looking similar to a dogs nut sac.
by unknown June 06, 2003
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