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The raiding of freshman dorms on a college campus by students several years older in search of sexual activity or friendly acquaintances.
"Hey, wanna join us? We're gonna dorm storm any little freshmen girls we can find!"
by kaiser206 May 22, 2007
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The act of begging for money for an event such as Relay for Life, by going from door to door in a campus residence hall, and laying a guilt trip on people so they donate money to causes like preventing child abuse.
"knock, knock"..."Hi we are collecting money for crippled children, if you could donate any spare change for little Johnny who only has one leg, that would be great."

"sorry, I'm broke."
"Dude who was that?"
"Pain in the ass people, who were dorm storming."
"Dude, youre suck a dick"
by monkey steak April 12, 2010
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It involves getting wasted at a college bar of your choice and then taking a late night trip to the local dorms to take advantage of some hot freshman girls.
You wanna dorm storm tonight? those bitches wont even know what hit them!
by Night_Hawk-_- September 02, 2011
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The raiding of one college residence hall by a large group of students from another residence hall. Such invasions of turf are regularly performed by bored students from less social buildings, drunken mobs looking to establish their turf, and conga lines picking up steam to hit a rad party.
12 drunken guys from North stumble into Pardee causing havoc.
Pardee residents: "We're under attack, North is dorm storming us!"
by stopthief March 18, 2011
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A time usually around the month of August when thousands of new freshman flood University campuses and try and set up their personal computers. However, due to fact that most of the freshman have become accustomed to their parents doing everything for them that they never obtained the skills needed to trouble shoot simple internet connectivity problems. The freshman then freak out because they can't get on facebook and end up calling the Local IT department for help, flooding the center with phone calls.
Jill: "The whole network is down in one of the dorms on campus"
Jack: "That's because Dorm Storm is going on right now, try looking for any mis-configured computers that the flood might have set up"
by Gregers Geoffrey June 30, 2009
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