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A verb, often the action of romping through dormitory hallways raging drunk. Can be used as an adjective to describe a state of drunkenness. Activities such as urinating in unapproved university toilets (the hallway/stair case), breaking shit, throwing up, drinking from multiple cups or cans in multiple rooms, conversations that you should never have with the opposite sex, conversations you will not remember, blacking out,etc... Many dorm-stormers will find themselves hung over, in another persons bed, or wrapped around a toilet the following morning. If you have ever had a night where you were in fact too drunk to go out to the party but continued to party in your dorm, congrats cause you are now a veteran of dorm-storming.
No, you were dorm-storming to the max last night
by Humping midget January 17, 2011
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