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a super dork...often used by a dork to call another dork more of a dork
Lisa says, Chris you are a dorkus malorkus
by tempy1 May 30, 2004
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An insult that originates from the Simpsons where Bart calls Lisa a "dorkus malorkus" which he tells her is Latin.
Bob: Uhhh where is my car?

Frank: It's right in front of you. You're what they call a "dorkus malorkus"
by Dan1456 February 01, 2008
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When you spend two hours of your Friday night brainstorming with a friend to come up with the best example of Dorkus Malorkus, whilst downloading the fourth season of Star Trek with your mum in the backround complaining about the skid marks in your undies and the mess in your room...Did we mention you're 40?
by Max Malorkus June 01, 2007
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someone who did or said somthing to make them look REALLY stupid.
Bob:I am going to the computer store cause they have an awesome grade a gumball machine.

Joe: You are such a dorkus malorkus
by Ben Szafoni September 28, 2005
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Latin for dork. From the Simpsons when Barts say to Lisa: "You they say in Latin...a dorkus-malorkus."

Who said the dorkus malorkus from General Accounting could come to the party to dork it up? Send them home, they're nerding up a good time.
by JeremyS August 21, 2006
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Someone who is extremely absent of social graces, so much so that it is fun to watch... might have something to do with the city of Mallorca in Spain.
"My math teacher farted in class again today, she is such a dorkus malorkus."
by SnickersBars4YrButt January 02, 2008
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