A lame way to insult someone. It's basically calling someone a dork except you don't come off as insulting.
1: "I can't go out tonight because I'm writing a paper..."
2: "Haha, you're a dorko!"
by FijiIsForGays September 20, 2009
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A slang version of the word dork. Like goober.
Megan is such a dorko.
by Brad October 16, 2008
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Its a loner who had hardly anyfriends, whos punk rock
Your a big dorko! do you know that?
by Chrissy Taylor March 12, 2005
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Kenny VanTassle. A dork but with an o.
Kenny play video games, like a dorko
by Marbles July 29, 2004
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Dorko was originally invented in 1991, as a bad-ass gutsy dog who could talk to neighbourhood children. This comic was shortlived. In 1999, this comic idea was unearthed and re-hashed, and Dorko was no longer a dog, but a red-headed punk boy, who bore a striking resemblance to Johnny Rotten in his Sex Pistol heyday.
Dorko is the punked out hero of the comic series "Dorko on the Patio"--a comic which personified the angst of Canadian teens in the 1990s. A Punk classic giving Can Lit the electroshock therapy it sorely needed!
by Agent Chainsawlady February 28, 2004
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slang for super cool hottie who likes super awesome movies AKA Jimmy
by Abby May 21, 2004
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Amazingness. Tall, blonde who dyes her hair brunette sometimes black. Gets her shit done, fashionable, tom-boy qualities but gushes like a girl over puzzles. Moonlights as a hostess just to make ends meet. Fashionista.
I was reading this article today and it rocked my socks off, then I looked at the byline and saw it was Lilith Dorko. Damn she rocks.
by vwbugnlimegreen February 3, 2010
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