"ye my friend is sooo cool hes better than you"

"skeen doozie"

by bobzemma April 17, 2009
When two people use the same pocket pussy.
Yo ashton I used your dads pocket pussy, guess that means we are doozie mates.
by Fapatrondeceptacon0325 December 21, 2017
1:hey can i use your doozy comb?
2:nah man you have to have doozy hair for a doozy comb.
by peila347 June 23, 2009
A Youtuber who does Youtube,and is a Friend of YoloMcSwaggie
Mike Doozie and Batman Plays Crabgame
by Discord Mods Petty Af November 24, 2021
One of the Greatest Youtuber Rapper And Boxer to ever roam earth 616
Mike Doozie Cosmos SMP Minecraft
by September 9, 2021
“*insert gasp here* my winky doozy”
by Kylee🤘🤘💪 July 1, 2020
A man who has layed on his couch for an excessive amount of hours and has eaten a whole pizza single handedly and put down a 24 pack of beer and has come to realize that he hasn’t taken a shit in 4 days so grabs the peanut butter and goes to the bathroom for an hour
by Chef_Hammond March 2, 2019