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Making a fondue dip, infused with cannabis, using either hot cheese or chocolate to be dipped with meats, vegetables or fruits.
Wow, I got so messed at Mack’s chrondue party!
by Pgrogz September 30, 2019

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A mathematical formula to trick a person into genital entry.
I had no idea how to get laid, until I applied creeponomics to my strategies.
by Pgrogz

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Somebody who hears your joke and then says it louder and claims it for his own.
Corey, who also goes by Shvitey, heard a joke about Dave’s work, and then inserted his own name in the exact same story. The delivery was good but the originality was stolen.
by Pgrogz

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Someone who’s a lot gayer when they have a bag of tea.
My friend Jeff seems normal, but he always demands a cup of tea before going out..

We say he’s a teabagger but he doesn’t care..he always seems gayer for it.
by Pgrogz November 14, 2019

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Fat and boring
I met this girl on tinder, I knew she was fat from her pictures but it turned out she was just plain flumpy.
by Pgrogz November 13, 2019

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When a comedian tells a joke or a story, they say the actual funny part at the end and the comedians voice trails off and acts like it’s nothing making it even funnier due to a complete dependence on the audience paying attention, usually ended with a dead stare.
Reverse punchline
I had a nightmare

It was a nightmare about standing in front of a group of people
I said I had nightmares

And they said, nightmares, what are those?
by Pgrogz September 28, 2019

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