Somone who comes up with really stupid ideas or the ideas of a stupid person.
An electric underwater toaster, what a doozie bobber.
by R8rrawz April 30, 2015
Is the lowest form of trailer park Slut out there. Most likely has a hang down an infested with gonorrhea
There is a skoozie doozie down by the 7/11 looking to get her furburger filled with baby gravy
by Rischard October 28, 2017
When a person has consumed alcohol to the point where they are passed tipsy but, not super drunk.
I’m feeling oozie doozie right now.
by Kmerko February 24, 2020
a person who is more than a little eccentric, usually an artist or someone in the professional fine art field.

acting in a crazy and flighty manor while attempting to be creative and/or productive.
he'll never get the project done on time, the guy is completely doozy-pots
by superstainless March 1, 2011
A term used while playing Halo for the x-box 360 platform
Its true meaning can be found by playing on line.
"That n00b just double doozied me"

"get the double doozie"
"you doozie n00b"
by Andrew Pottschmidt May 4, 2008
When you send your friend on a wild goose chase to find that sweet nectar
Whack a Mole Doozy: Oh last night we whack a moled Ciaran a fucking Dooooozy!!
by The Hispanic Hand Grendade November 18, 2018

1. Something or somebody which embodies exceptional awesomeness, is unparalleled in excellence. The most common usage of the phrase is to praise somebody who is unbelievably awesome in the face of daunting adversity (i.e., a doozy). However, people also use it in place of words like "cool" or "awesome" or "totally rad, bro".

2. An expression akin to wishing good luck to somebody on a difficult task.

Person 1: Hey, did you watch the football game last night?
Person 2: No way, why would I want to watch our team lose against the Wildcats, they're the best team in the league. You know they haven't lost a single game in five years? They're undefeated!
Person 1: Well not any more!
Person 2: Shut up, are you saying we won?
Person 1: Hell yeah, we won 30 to 28!
Person 2: 30 to 28? But how?
Person 1: It was neck and neck throughout most of the game. When we reached the last thirty seconds of the final quarter, both teams were tied 28 to 28. They had possession of the ball, but in the next twenty-five seconds our defense pushed the Wildcat offense all the way back to the endzone. Our linemen broke through the offensive line, tackled the quarterback in his own endzone, scored a safety, and won the game!
Person 2: Holy crap, our defense is amazing!
Person 1: Yeah, they're pretty rock solid on the doozy.

Person 1: Hey you wanna go to that cool party a few blocks down the street?
Person 2: No way bro, its finals week, and I have exams in all of my toughest classes tomorrow.
Person 1: Fine, I guess that I'm going by myself. Rock solid on the doozy.
Person 2: Thanks! Have fun at your party.
by Agricultural Structure March 3, 2015