5 definitions by TraiSaurus

A person who specific performs an airplane like movement during a sexual intercourse.
Jason's mom is a Fidget Spinie. She always Fidget Spinner on my dick.
by TraiSaurus January 06, 2019
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Extremely and Intensely close with homosexual persons. Which they start inhabiting the traits of homosexuality.

Tends to usually come and use toward old folks.

Grandpa Dominic is a domo.
My Boomer cousin in Houston just turn into a domo.
by TraiSaurus April 24, 2020
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Too drunk. Usually related to throwing up through the mouth or cleansing the system.
My Uncle is Doozy
by TraiSaurus January 26, 2020
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Accidentally performing a dangerous and what some may perfer life threatening act, specifically performed and used during a sexual act.

Can be sometime mistakenly used as a dragon
Hannah’s dad accidentally pulled the dracatoe during bed.
by TraiSaurus January 13, 2019
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Beastest, performing above higher than any standard.
Commonly used while defying the best of the best.
Better than better
Beaster then Beast
In general the god like godly.
My home girl Lesly is Beastest
by TraiSaurus April 02, 2019
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