of or pertaining to homo-sexual straight men musicians. see also the the doozies?, the doozies!, and the jewzies?!

founded in the need of a last minute house band, the doozies?! were created in the model and vision of an inspiring friend, SCOUT!
holy shit! did you guys see the doozies?! last night? they played STYX, Journey, and Loverboy! Scout! was there too!

Holy Shit! We're the God Damn doozies?!
someone that mean anything, a word that can be used anywhere at anytime, like how in uno you have a wild card that can be any color well DOOZY is a wild word it can mean anything.
Yo i got a mean Doozy!

That girl is a Doozy!

by The Real Entertainer December 25, 2007
OMW that was a real doozi doh! How could we have done something so embarassing!
by xenillia June 6, 2013
A new drug started in WA

That is consumed by being snorted

It almost has the same effect as ecstasy

Hits you faster

Less dangerous

Gives you lots of energy and doesn't show up on drug tests.

Good to do before sport.
"Oi man I had some doozies the other day and played like a champion."
"I had some at a party n stayed up all night having the best time"
by Trendiii July 30, 2015
When you're in a tough spot with the opposite sex.

Origin: Bolivia, used with tying rebar squares.
Wow Matt you are in a real doozy there.
by Mattyb13 November 28, 2016
A ginormous poo, larger and more fierce than a regular bowel movement, one that leaves you slightly dazed and a little lighter.
dude: "Holy crap, I just dropped a doozy duce!"
by joelh March 18, 2008
This is a rough translation of tu sei pazzo. Meaning "you are crazy" or "thou art crazy". When English speaking people hear this Italian phrase it sounds like "doosie pots" or doozy bots" to their ears.
He's doozy bots.

You're a little doozy bots about this.
by scifiguy10312 February 13, 2012