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Adj. To become extremely intoxicated and obnoxious. It is common to urinate one's bed, or someone else's. Total inebriation and your moral compass completely shits itself. Complete loss of coordination.
"You got dooleyed last night mate"

"You going to get dooleyed tonight?"
by The original dooley December 06, 2013
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When you meet up with a chick who sucked you dick outside a bar once, thinking you'll have a couple drinks, get your dick sucked and be home by 11:00pm. Instead she drags you to her high school reunion(or some other uncomfortable, nonsexual situation), gets all wacked out on crystal meth, keeps you out till 3am, and then rewards you with a C- blow job.
That stripper totally dooleyed me last night. I was just trying to get my dick sucked, not meet her dad and drive her to go pay her probation fees. When i finally got the pussy, it was like fucking a glass of water
by Chico Goldberg June 26, 2014
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