A popular cocktail made with whiskey and pineapple juice, that is usually consumed while at a pool or beach.
Uno Dooley por favor!
by notblake July 26, 2016
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Crazy bitch lady who beats little children and asserts her femininity by pointing her sniper rifle in the face of little boys while they cower in fear as she feeds on their misery! Born without emotions in the very depth of hell; the daughter of the devil himself.He saw great evil in her black heart. For fear that she would overthrow him he left her in the wilderness to die.The evil girl was found and raised by GorillaPeople where she learned to live off the wild until hunters came and shot her family.She swore for vengeance! When she failed in life she joined the army to learn how to fight like a man. Then joined TheMenInBlack after Tommy Lee Jones left.Together with Will Smith they defeated an army of invading E.T.. The stubby hunched up wrinkled brownies put up a good fight but their leader took a 50 cal. bullet to the head from Dooley's rifle.During the 2006 queens power outage she single handily defeated the horde of gremlins responsible. She bite off the heads of every last one of them restoring the electricity.Hungry for power she tried to assassinate president BUSH by sending her slave to throw her homemade shoe bombs at him.When the bombs failed to detonate she went berserk killing everyone in her path.In Tokyo she’s known as Godzilla.Will Smith captured her and had no choice but to erase her mind.She now lives as a school teacher where she continually feeds off the fear of innocent children to strengthen her inner demon.Waiting to release it and bring hell to earth!
Run it's Dooley, she has come to eat our souls!
by Jajamanjaganja April 13, 2010
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Meaning the most awesome of awesomes that there could ever be. The tippity top of excellence. Unsurpassable.
That is the most dooley stew I have ever tasted!
by the lost dog March 01, 2010
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1.) Of delecate intellect

2.) A person who is described as: self-important, condecending, often and blatently incorrect, and generally a douchebag
A Dooley is someone who will treat those that they deem beneat them like crap, not listen to what they say, and then get angry when the information that he should have listend to was acctually pertinent to a problem.
by Whyt March 14, 2010
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The act of expressing extreme optimism regarding a subject in direct contradiction of all evidence and logic.
He said this project is on track and the status is green? He's obviously taking a dooley!
by jdubbya November 03, 2011
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The local prostitute of a small town that only gets her satisfaction from killing little children then consuming their insides. You can spot a Dooley out from a crowd of whores by her distinctive eye patch and matching wand. The only way to kill a Dooley is to have Charlie Sheen cut off her head and sacrifice it to the Flying Spaghetti Monster for some more tiger blood.
"That Dooley is one crazy hoe, I think I might need some Sheen"
by bigdogchoppers December 25, 2011
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