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Thats the biggest dooby I ever seen man, where did you get it?

Ur looking at it through a telescope bad
by Spyke March 20, 2003
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A hand-rolled, irregularly large blunt. Has a musical tone to it, so the term is mostly used in that scooby doo song, while looking for it, if it rolled under the couch or something.
Dooby dooby doo, where are you? I want to get high todaaaaayaaaay...
by Fatasspseudo June 26, 2011
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A word which can be used referring to cannabis or a joint/spliff. Commonly used in Yorkshire, England.
"Hey, we going to buy some Dooby."

"Jonny, roll me a Dooby."
by Scott Heleniak February 01, 2009
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A word to express a bad situation. Similar to "shit" or "this sucks." Can be shortened to "doobs."
Friend 1: Sorry man, I can't hang out tonight.
Friend 2: Doobies. Maybe another time.
by frotacular December 12, 2011
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1)Noun,(Doo-bee)One who puffs Mad cheeba, 2)the stoke 3)a perfect name for a dog 4)a person who lives in jamaca, eats Ganja cakes, smokes Weed then drinks bong water while listening to Rastafirean Regge music
I named my dog Dooby cuz he smokes mad weed.
by Kavander X May 06, 2003
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Dooby, was a term first coined at gold coast ocian fest 2011. It gives reference to a large number of things. But mainly is a term used for 'weed'. It has also been used to indicate going to the toilet or farting and has also been used in relation to sexual acts.
by dooby smoker 5000 June 20, 2011
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