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a shortened version of the word dominated.
Person 1: "You just got dom'd dude."
Person 2: "Shit, yea I did."
by J Len February 07, 2008
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An acronym for the word 'Dominated'. Generally used in gaming, 'domd' is used when a player gets beaten by another in an excessive fasion.
The term can also be used in other contexts where someone gets beaten, hurt or pwnt.
player 1: fuck that noob used his lvl 2 dagon n raped me... bs.
player 2: oh man u got domd!
by xaxrelicx February 24, 2008
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To be dominated sexually. Someone has totally dominated you during sex.
God I was so "Dom'd" by that bloke last night

I love to be "Dom'd in the bedroom
by Howse-in-a-State March 19, 2017
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The placing of a used condom on person, or most likely, a friends head.
Dude i totally Dom'd my Roommate this morning, He's pissed!
by Strato Star February 27, 2010
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Slang for dominated, most popular in the massive online game, Runescape.
Jdub500: OMG I just DOM'D Zezima!

Ryan1335: Omg noway, what did you get?!
by Runescape<3 April 16, 2009
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To get "Dom'd" is to be taken advantage of while emotionally vulnerable.

She was an emotional wreck, and he "Dom'd" her.
by Jerked Around June 02, 2007
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Hey are you a D.O.M.D

NO bitch but i am a thunder cunt and i will beat your ass like theres no tomorrow and rape you

by OH MY GOD ITS COLTON August 05, 2006
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