Ew sarah got her dogs out”
Put the dogs away
by cuntlife May 28, 2022
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When a person unscruplessly mistreated their partner or significant other.
There's no way I'm gonna set Kimberly up with my brother; not after the way she dogged out John John and left him in tears.

The reason why my family can't stand that bitch ass nigga Bo is because he dogged out my sister and left her $20,000 in loan debts.
by Mackendeez January 12, 2018
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To insult someone harshley in a joking or non joking manner.
My friend Tim and I dog each other out all the time
by GhettoKnight May 10, 2005
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When you say something bad about someone.
Or when your with someone and you leave them.
Carla went shopping with Dave and when Carla saw Troy she went off with him and left Dave. Dave says to Carla that night "you need to stop dogging out on me".
by hotsinggg August 29, 2008
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(v.) to break in, as one would a virgin (chiefly anal).
D'you wanna dog out my five point oh (5.0)? -Ali in 'Bully'
by anycon November 16, 2004
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When a girl gets fucked real hard doggy style and then the guy never speaks to her again. This is similar to a dog woman, but basically any drunk girl runs the risk of being dogged out on any given night.
Mitch: "Zack, did you fuck Kim last night"
Zack: "Yeah dude, she got dogged out hard, it was money"
by King Bossman March 25, 2010
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To party with no inhibitions; i.e. unleash the beast. The phrase was originally made popular by the worst song of all time, "who let the dogs out?", but now is used mockingly.
Since the world is supposedly going to end tomorrow, I am going to let the dogs out tonight.
by jeru411 May 27, 2011
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