Slang term referring to U.S Army infantryman in World War II.
A song titled Dogface soldier was written in 1942 by Cpl. Bert Gold and Lt. Ken Hart
by JD1215 July 2, 2006
Very insulting term for an ugly girl/woman.
When's dogface coming back?
by she-ra November 4, 2003
this is a term used for a coke whore who has the face of a dog and the body of a duck. these nasty females are known for having lots of permiscuous sex, sucking dick for coke, fucking in her moms bed and/or office, having sex with monkeys, and stealing her drunk whore of a mothers drugs from her purse. they are also known to get punched in the stomach and loose small day old babies, and for liking bad boys that get shot in the face at age 12.
meow: your a fucking dogface

trashley: no your a fucking dogface.
by meooooow March 21, 2007
A type of plant indiginous to Southern Mars.
It looks a bit like a fetus.
by dogfaceIII April 19, 2005
extremely harsh looking.Worryingly ugly, even for close family members and friends.
by Mel Humberstone July 8, 2003
A person, usually a man, who has just broken up with his mate. "He walks around dogfaced and hurt." (Tom Petty)- A woebegone soul, wandering lost, his face expressing his sadness.
He walks around dogfaced and hurt." (Tom Petty)
by Polyxena1955 February 2, 2010
When you use a profile picture of a dog on social media when you aren't actually a dog
His discord pfp is a dog, but I'm pretty sure he's not a dog, he must be dogfacing
by DerekTV August 9, 2021