Anyone other than a white guy.
Person 1: The dean says our campus needs diversity.
Person 2: Oh, you mean less white males?
by andrew parker March 31, 2008
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Anybody and everybody as long as they are NOT Caucasian.
The NAACP is very diverse because of the low number of Caucasian members.

The NBA is very diverse because of all the black members.

The United Nations needs more diversity because there's too many white people.
by Jack Klompus May 18, 2016
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This is the latest empty buzzword popular with lefties and feminists. It means lets get rid of the white guys first. Then we will get rid of the colored ones. We will replace them all with white women and, if any openings are left, with a few colored ones.
Everybody benefits when business promotes diversity.
by Drunvahlo January 16, 2015
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Diversity=Really rich white folk won't live here.
"The neighborhood is wonderful and so full of Diversity!"
Response, "So you mean the white people are leaving?"
by yup2 April 5, 2011
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An old, old wooden ship that was used during the civil war era to deliver large supplies of puréed walnuts from the South to the North. The walnuts were used as a replacement for toilet paper, due to the wartime shortage. Despite the volitile relationship between the two countries at the time, the North figured that it was more important to have a clean ass than to place an embargo on the South's nut shipments. The South figured,"Hell, we need the money".
There have been complaints from the authorities about a lack of diversity in the News Room.
by Mr. Incredible January 12, 2005
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A psychosis based on the false impression that we will be a better nation, company, or organization if we accept outside influence or opinions which are culturally or morally different than our own. Gradually turning our backs on everything that makes us unique as a nation. Turning our backs on everything our forefathers fought and died to obtain, secure, and protect.

The idea that we need to be as poor as all of the other third world countries in order to fit in as a nation.
America really needs to be more culturally diversity. We really need to embrace a little more cannibalism, and definitely a salve labor society like the one they have in China. I hear that there is female genital mutilation in the Middle East. Oh goody... we need some of that here too!
by the remnant July 21, 2019
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A bigotted policy that is over-emphasized to an incredibly irritating level. It is also used in the name of tolerance and progress, but it in fact happens to hold certain people down until people of a particular group gets things first. In addition, certain minorities are also left out in so-called "Diversity Week" celebrations, especially those with mental disabilities and Native Americans.
I don't like bullsh....I mean "Diversity Week". It leaves a lot of people out and I would rather deface it than embrace it.

Editors: Don't delete this just because you don't like what you read.
by Radical Republican November 7, 2005
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