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When you are about to cum: pull out, position your partner so he/she is laying down (face up), stand over him/her, and try to cum in his/her mouth from above. Sometimes a competitive grading system is involved: 10 points for divebombing the mouth and -5 for divebombing the eye (because, when semen ejaculates at 30 miles per hour, a divebomb can be quite dangerous).
Oh man, I divebombed this chick last night soo hard. Thankfully I didn't hit her eye. I need to make it to divebomb finals.
by The Tunabomber December 07, 2010
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A non-consensual kiss in which one party extends in a rapid motion over 99% of the distance between lips to catch the unwilling second party unaware. Usually followed by mock disgust and secret satisfaction in the mind of the second party.
Did you see Johnny divebomb Sarah at the party last night? She secretly loved it.
by Baby chowder April 18, 2014
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In auto racing, a divebomb is considered a last-ditch effort to overtake the car in front of you by outbraking and diving low, because of not having the driver skill or ability to get a run off the corner and make a move on the straightaway.
Juan Pablo Montoya totally divebombs the field's FACE every week on the NASCAR circuit.
by David_Healy May 21, 2007
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The act of drunkenly, running across a room, where a party is going on, jumping onto a table with the sole purpose of breaking it and making yourself look awesome/like an ass.
Holy shit, did you just see Holloway dive bomb that table?
by Live Ever Die Never October 16, 2008
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A sound created on a guitar by slamming the whammy bar down, then up.

Used mainly 90s vegan mosh.
Green rage divebombs
Canon divebombs
by Mosh to revolution February 26, 2009
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