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A fart that is placed into a cealed container or area of some sort; it is placed for the use of a suprise attack.
I left a fart bomb in the car as i left.

Damn someone left a fartbomb in the elevator.
by Dustin Herring November 29, 2006
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an extremely foul smelling stench that explodes out of the assholes of tiffani and michelle from room 207 in chablis in verdot village at sonoma state university

these farts can and will clear out a room
it has been known to make people cry or vomit
when michelle left a fartbomb in david's mouth he threw up
by HELLAHECKAHELLA December 07, 2009
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Fart bombs are these bags with this liquid inside a small packet, which you squish , then they react to produce hydrogen sulfide and then the bag pops and a rotton egg smell fills the area.
Did you smell that fart bomb Eliot set off in the corridor.
by Granny Norma May 27, 2018
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