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disgusting dirty slut, resembling lowest form of white trash, see also; margo.
"Who was that disgusting ditch pig who sucked 6 dicks at a time at her going away party?"

"You had me at ditch pig."
by kyla condon May 13, 2005
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Term used to describe a woman who bears three or more of these attributes:

B)Really Fat
C)Smells of B.O.
D)Has Bad Breath and/or Bad Teeth
E)Is Visibly Dirty
F)Loudmouth Social Retard
G)Wears Undersized Skirts and Pants so That Her Fat Dirty Arse Hangs Over the Waistline to Reveal her Dingy, Soiled Thong.
H)Actually Thinks They are "All That and a Bag of Chips"
The women on Jerry Springer Show are all Ditch Pigs.
by Bloody Abo September 03, 2006
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Western Canadian expression to describe an ugly female that hunts for men outside of bars and strip clubs. Normally they hang around the roadside or parking lot at the end of the evening hoping to get picked up by the desparate and dateless. Hence the 'Ditch' part of the name. 'Pig' is self evident.
Most ditch pigs end up becoming coyote dates the next morning.
Kathy is such a ditch pig, she blew 4 guys in their pickup outside the French Maid.
by Zaphod_Beeblebrox October 04, 2006
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An ugly obnoxious bitch. Waking up with one is the usual result of way too much booze and not enough wingmen.
I should really lay off the Jagerbombs I keep waking up beside a ditchpig.
by DennisIsEvil March 21, 2007
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A woman who's so skanky, you drive her out, have your way with her and leave her lying in a ditch because she's not worth driving back home.
Who was that ditch pig I saw you with at the bar last night?
by bobsyeruncle January 27, 2008
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