Double Income Small Pooch (disp) i.e. a ridiculously wealthy couple who choose to spend their life savings on high fashion, fancy vacations, personal training and spas for their definitely small dog. Found in large numbers around the West Hollywood area in California, these couples will usually be found in restaurants with a no kids policy.
"Hey don't look now, but I just spotted a disp at 9 o'clock."
by LADiddy December 9, 2020
"People tho think covid is fake, won't mask or get vaxxed are real disps.
by the lord russ December 23, 2021
The worst creator in GD ever. He is uncreative, aggressive, aloof, arrogant, belligerent, big-headed, bitchy, unkind, unpredictable, unreliable, untidy, untrustworthy, vague, vain, vengeful, vulgar, unoriginal, he succ.
Stop it, Tommy! Don't be a Disp!
by TotallyNotNome November 28, 2016
Joel: this dumb Spy keeps sapping my disp
by i main lucario in ssb4 October 27, 2020
In Italian slang "I'm sorry". It's an abbreviation of "mi dispiace", this means that a literal translation would be "I'm sor". It's the kind of slang that a rich lazy 13 yo girl would use while smoking light cigarettes in the school's bathroom during the p.e. class.
Girl 1: do you have a lighter?
Girl 2: no, mi disp!

Boy: hi do you know where the station is?
Girl: I have a boyfriend mi disp
Boy: what about the station?
Girl: get lost looser
by Fartward January 31, 2019