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When one is so incredibly disgusted that all stages of the of digestion process cease, resulting constipation. -TOOL
"Oh man, that sick fucker had sex with and emeu at the zoo until it died! Just thinking about that shit is making me disgustipated..."
by redsock July 02, 2004
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Disgustipated was coined by E.C. Segar in his syndicated comic strip Popeye. Earliest use 1938, when Popeye uses the term to address his lyin-cheating-weasel-scam-artist father, Poopdeck Pappy. It's an amplification of the term "disgusted" - to the point of mashing up with "constipated" and possibly "exasperated."
"I yam disgustipated wit' ya!" - Popeye to his father, after discovering Pappy was selling water to stranded Death Valley travelers for $5,000 a glass.
by businessgypsy September 10, 2014
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And the angel of the lord came unto me, snatching me up from my place of slumber. And took me on high, and higher still until we moved to the spaces betwixt the air itself. And he brought me into a vast farmlands of our own Midwest. And as we descended, cries of impending doom rose from the soil. One thousand, nay a million voices full of fear. And terror possessed me then

And I begged, "Angel of the Lord, what are these tortured screams?"

And the angel said unto me, "These are the cries of the carrots, the cries of the carrots! You see, Reverend Maynard, tomorrow is harvest day and to them it is the holocaust."
-from disgustipated
by Homo-Cunt July 24, 2018
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