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The New Jersey post office that handled anthrax-laced letters reopened Monday morning, nearly 3 1/2 years after the deadly mailings that further heightened the nation's fears in the weeks after the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

The post office was closed on Oct. 18, 2001, after NBC anchor Tom Brokaw, two U.S. senators and the offices of the New York Post received anthrax-laced letters that went through Hamilton.

source: USA Today
by levex October 19, 2010
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a verb describing the act of sepia-toning a digital image
I didn't really like the way that pic turned out, so I sepiaed it - and now it looks awesome!
by levex June 13, 2010
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the year 2010
from the idiots who brought you Y2K
at least it's not retarded like 2KX
(where K is -not- a Roman Numeral but X *is*)
and doesn't sound stupid like 2MX
(where M *is* the correct Roman Numeral)
I overheard a bunch of brain-dead noobs refer to 2010 as "2KX". And rather than spend twenty minutes educating these Neanderthals on the difference between the Roman Numeral system and Scientific Notation; I fed these sheep the MSM antidote by reminding them of Y2k, then telling them the appropo urban usage for 2010 is 2K10.
by levex January 11, 2010
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An all-inclusive noun describing any one of a variety of television channels whose genre(s) are typically geared toward intellectual stimulation. Programming on these stations is aimed at the post-adolescent through adult viewer demographic. Shows consist of a variety of topics along a wide range that includes:
how-to shows (gourmet cooking, auto/home repair)
documentaries (history, science, nature, conspiracy)
investigative reporting (crime, psychology, alien abduction)
extreme science (surgery, cryptozoology)

Primary nerd channels include:
History Channel
Discovery Channel
MiND Television
most PBS affiliates
and some local-access channels
geek: television sucks any more -everything has become 'reality' shows
dweeb: I know, I don't even turn it on any more -except to watch the nerd channel.
by levex April 04, 2010
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extremely funny
not lol funny
nor lmao funny
more like roflmao funny + a high-five
that was highfivelarious |wipes tears from eyes|
by levex January 11, 2010
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iShattered is what happens to the glass screen

when you drop your iPhone
iDrop my iPhone, now it's iShattered
by levex September 20, 2010
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