A high-waisted midget with red pants and a big ass.
New York's hottest club is "Twice". Don't be thrown off when you get greeted at the door by a rabbi that looks like Joquain Phoenix. Club owner Robert Blake has thought of everything. Carnival parkers, groups of guys with afros and graduation caps and fire hydrants.
by JuiceSpringsteen13 April 25, 2010
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The act of lighting your partners pubes on fire and then making them achieve orgasm, thus making them douse the flames.
" i put a lighter to jenny last night, she wanted the flames out so she told me to go faster.thats a fire hydrant."
by jewhitlerman July 26, 2008
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When two guys stand back to back while a girl gives both a handjob at the same time.
I gave two guys the fire hydrant last night. They spayed 3 feet!
by Dannyd February 16, 2013
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To unleash an incredibly large quantity of semen onto a crowd of innocent bystanders with no shame or regret of doing so.

Not to be confused with Broken Hose, Crying Snake, Saggy Water Balloon, or Sex Monsoon.
He got tired of waiting at the bus stop and decided to fire hydrant everyone around him.
by Niko Zorich December 28, 2010
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circumsised penis with the shape of a fire hydrant. it may possibly have freckles but those are rare to find. jews, muslims, gingers, and fire croches as well as thje whole ginger family tree. firehydrants have many nicknames such as helmet head, xuavi, and wavi xavi. make sure to rag on your local firehydrants within your community. you do not want to engage in friendly relationships with this species of penisis (xavi)
arroyo- "look, you best hand over the call of duty remote!"
xavi"im a fire hydrant, have some respect"
arroy-"next time i hear respect an fire hydrant in same sentance, i smack you with wide,hungry, and ready to come out of burrow anteater"
adubi-"hop off xuavi,your not part of the eater society."
by puerto del mas rico May 25, 2010
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A woman that squirts large volumes when having an orgasm
by da fireman February 17, 2003
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A way to describe someone physically built in a way similar to a fire hydrant, such people are usually a bit shorter, yet solidly built and wide in the shoulders, but not fat. If they are fat they become a tank. Such people usually have good balance, thick necks, a low centre of gravity, and strong momentum behind their punches, and are usually deceptively strong, as seen in MMA fighters such as Matt Hughes and Sean Sherk.
Sen Dog from Cypress Hill is a classic example of a fire hydrant build. I wouldn't fuck around with him if I was you.
by El Skuncho July 6, 2007
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