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Usually a baseball player, who looks like a true ball player. One who likes to dress to impress and is a stud on the field.
"That guys got some dirty style!"
by bean sack March 26, 2008
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emphasizes a stentence, or means with ease
"yo, i aced that test Dirty Style"


"yo, you know katie"
"i hit that shit Dirty Style"
by jaytee October 20, 2005
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Something that Is not uniform to what everyone wears. (In this context, clothing) can also apply to personal style ( a way of being unique someone's individual style). Does not mean they are "dirty" just looks like a mess from someone looking in from the outside.
P1- Yo that artist chick has a dirty style.
P2- nah man that chick swag is basic.
P1- nah, I'm talking about her art it got dirty style
by KKPatel January 03, 2018
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