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Hey I have a broken pipe, you know a Decent Plumber!?
My pipes broken...
I got a hole in my bowl, won't you plug it with a nugget!
by hippie mafia January 10, 2014
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A loosely used medical term of liquid expelling from genital or anal region with the body having no control whatsoever. This happens in cases of the body after extreme orgasm or after the perineum area or area between the anus and genitalia is given extreme force. Such as a kick or a punch.
Jack was kicked in his goochand he's just shit him self.

24 hours later.
Jack is leaking like a fucking Broken pipe!
by Dr. Francisco baker December 31, 2017
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when one has too much gas and a fart goes off inside before it has a chance to escape the ass.
oh no, i just got a broken pipe, damn that CiCi's pizza.
by Matt April 10, 2004
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