Usually a baseball player, who looks like a true ball player. One who likes to dress to impress and is a stud on the field.
"That guys got some dirty style!"
by bean sack March 26, 2008
emphasizes a stentence, or means with ease
"yo, i aced that test Dirty Style"


"yo, you know katie"
"i hit that shit Dirty Style"
by jaytee October 20, 2005
The best style fo keepin' it reel.
Nigga please! We keepin' dirty style fa sho!
by defiler August 20, 2004
Something that Is not uniform to what everyone wears. (In this context, clothing) can also apply to personal style ( a way of being unique someone's individual style). Does not mean they are "dirty" just looks like a mess from someone looking in from the outside.
P1- Yo that artist chick has a dirty style.
P2- nah man that chick swag is basic.
P1- nah, I'm talking about her art it got dirty style
by KKPatel January 3, 2018
Is when someone else left the shop bathroom in such a stench and mess, you go into the closed down office ladies room and drop a deuce in a toilet that's been turned off because of a broken pipe.
Worker 1: You went in the girls room up front? That's been closed for six months because of that broken pipe!

Worker 2: Well now their not using it for at least a year after I dropped that dirty fergie "office style" on them!
by unlemongoose September 17, 2009
When you insert a trumpet full of pig feces into the rectum of another while dancing around the poor souls body wearing a cowboy hat.
The way we played that trumpet, he'll never forget his Daniel Nicolari.
by Jayden Cuffnagel February 24, 2005