Figurative - A foundation, basis or support.

Stone which lies at the corner of two walls and unites them; implies a sense of foundation in that the building would fall to ground without the cornerstone.
"This law is implicit in earlier work, but Lavoisier stated it explicitly and used it as the cornerstone of his science."

"Yoga and meditation were the cornerstone to the success of the state ranker."
by K****h4u February 18, 2019
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When you get intoxicated to break through a sexual inhibitionlike when pot helps you “turn a corner” sexually.
Carly wanted to do her new boyfriend Mike, but she just couldn’t do it until she got cornerstoned.”
by Ren, the Ambivalent One February 23, 2009
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The upper section of the abs usually shown when a guy pulls his shirt up to entice females to increase chances of a sexual encounter.
When i show these bitches my cornerstone it's going to be on like donkey kong!!
by V.T. Lucero July 28, 2011
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Someone you’re attracted to due to them looking like a previous partner.
she looks exactly like Katie. What a cornerstone.
by peder grivin May 6, 2021
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1st guy: "you know the Pulp Fiction scene with SLJ, where hamburgers are mentioned as cornerstones?" (Jules Winnfield: "Hamburgers! The cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast.")

2nd guy "yeah"

1st guy: "well, they should make up a word called "cornerstoner""

2nd guy "yeah"
by StenForza July 15, 2010
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The transferring of feces from one anus to another.
Me and my girlfriend were cornerstoning last night, shit got everywhere. When her parents got home shit hit the fan.

I cornerstoned that bitch.
by Dylan Rodriguez November 6, 2012
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A Miami FL band known for their very original Hip-Hop Fusion sound and positive uplifting lyrics.Created in 2007 during the golden days of the experimental art space "Cornerstone" that was located in the Wynwood Art Design District of Miami.
The culture of love and art was the soul of the parties and every "cornerstoner" who came experienced some of the best poets and musicians in a intimate setting that was at the time unheard of and still absent in the city of Miami.

Important artists from the birth of the band until now have played key roles in the production of the project and have all served a purpose in finding a Hip-Hop fusion sound that is distinct and enjoyed by many.The Cornerstoners recently released their debut 11 track LP,they have toured South America,Europe,and are presently planning a U.S. tour.
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by Cornerstonerman February 5, 2010
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