when sat on the bog squeezing out a particularly long sausage, which whist still making its way out of your arse slowly and begrudgingly, also inadvertently touches the water.
My god, that huge meat and potato platter we had at the Hamburg Beer Keller last night, it reemerged this morning producing the dipstick effect.
by Streaker30 August 14, 2009
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to dip your joint or cigarette in formaldehyde; creates PCP effect
After smoking that dipstick, I saw pink elephants.
by cdawg May 26, 2004
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When a guy masturbates to near orgasm and before he cums he shoves a thin metallic wire down the hole of his penis supposedly enhancing the orgasm.
"I like to dip stick when my wife doesn't blow me."
by pink zeppelin November 16, 2007
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The ancient art form of checking the freshness of a female. Must take no less than one, but no more than three fingers and insert into the meat-curtain. Upon insertion one must slowly remove as to "tease" the subject into thinking your playing it cool. Then stealthly motion your Dipstick no futher than an inch away from the nose to allow yourself to induldge on the sweet aroma. This technique is perfect for birthday parties, get togethers, and family re-unions in Arkansas. To properly secure the Dipstick technique be in an isolated location such as; Fairgrounds, concerts, church, or even your local Women and Children Hospital.
Johnny had forgotten to dipstick Heather so he didn't realize it when he took a swim in the crimson tide.
by Vag Warriors July 10, 2008
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When a slick dude probes a womans rectum with his finger without her consent, then swiftly attacks her mouth with the shitty finger. 'The Dipstick!' is then typically announced afterwards.
Mikes a fuckin perv... he stuck a finger in my ass, and when I pulled it out he stuck his crap-encrusted finger in my mouth and shouted 'dipstick'
by The Wop October 10, 2005
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