A overwatch character that uses explosives and bear traps as weapons. Is insane, and incredibly annoying. Junkrat’s ultimate is the Riptire, which sends fear into the enemy team, paranoia consuming them. Sends them into flashbacks of nam.

Junkrat Mains are normally C average students. Most likely a guy living in his parents basement. Lives off of monster and Red Bull. Smug ass hat when they win, but salty lil pussies when they lose.

10/10 would maim again

Junkrat is a fun character to play, it’s easy and-“

“No one cares”
by Squirkles October 19, 2017
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Junkrat is a Defense hero in Overwatch.
Junkrat uses his Frag Launcher to bounce grenades at his enemies while planting Concussion Mines and Steel Traps to defend targets.

Official tips

Junkrat uses a variety of explosives to wreak havoc on the battlefield.
Use the knockback from your own Concussion Mine to quickly reposition yourself.
RIP-Tire can devastate a group of enemies if they don't destroy it first.
While Junkrat can deal tremendous damage with his Frag Launcher, it takes a considerable amount of skill and practice to accurately land grenades. In general, it's best to launch your grenades at an area, rather than at a specific target, as Junkrat's biggest strength comes from his ability to make any area hazardous to travel through. If you're forced to fight an opponent head on, try to lead your Frag Launcher shots so that your enemy will run into them.
by Rottenmeier June 27, 2017
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a dirty dirtball. coke head, corner-kid, disgusting dirty. usually has smoker's cough. hangs around in subway doin E with the sandwich guy behind the counter. probably listens to some creepy slipknot wrist slitting music.
"hey you guys got any smokes (cough)"
"ah get away from me ya dirty junkrat!"
by BIG RUDY March 15, 2006
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Someone who enjoys Explosions, Creepy laughter, and getting 10,000 plus damage while still fucking remaining at 4 eleminations per match.
Why do I only get gold medals in damage? Oh that's right, 'cause I'm a fucking junkrat main.
by Itsyaboijunkrat June 18, 2017
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A person who enjoys inflicting maximum damage on other players with little to no effort whatsoever. Aim is not a necessity to this person, although trajectory skills are useful. Constant explosions and creepy laughter is a regular thing for a Junkrat Main.
"Oh, the enemy team has three tanks? Don't worry, I'm a Junkrat Main."
by Itsyaboijunkrat June 18, 2017
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A strat that is used in Overwatch to hide from the enemy as junkrat.
Do you want to do the sexy junkrat?
by person overwatch August 6, 2017
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Being that one person who doesnt comply to anything.

Also: being a total trashcan
Setting: A person has not yet picked a character in a game of overwatch, you need a 2nd healer.

- Ana: ''We need a second healer please.''

- ''Junkrat primed and ready''

- Renhardt: ''oh that guy is junkratting''
by Fjayl June 6, 2017
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