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Dirty D is a perverted pimp pornographer that produces a bunch of porn websites and DVDs. He directs and stars in many of the videos.

These are some of the websites.

He has also partnered with Porno Dan to bring you:
"Dirty D turned that girl out!"
by XXX Porn Fan August 15, 2011
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A sexual act in which the male mounts the face of a female and proceeds to have sexual relations with her mouth while his head is pressed against the head board of the bed
Yo last night i gave that broad the Dirty D
by thetachibro April 18, 2007
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Nickname for the guy (usually, but not always, with a D name like Damon, D-licious or Derrick,) whos always tryin to mooch or hustle you (or move in your girlfriend) but is so obviously shady that no one trusts him anymore.
"Damn! Thats 'sposed to be a dime? You went and got from Dirty D again huh?
by LeGrande February 25, 2007
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A dark mystical creature from the deep dark abyss of haiti that has mountainous pimples on the forehead region, a cheetos bakery on her lips because they are mad crusty, smells like a combonation of sewege waste and the homeless, a disgrace to all haitian people, has infectious gums and scientists have tested her skin cells and they now believe she is the reason gonnreahea have started.
Jacob: If i go in the water is dirty d going to get me?
Joshua: Of course she is a mystical creature isnt she.


Man i wanted some cheetos so i went to dirty d's house.
by Jacob Banks April 11, 2009
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