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After taking home a random woman from the bar, and you realize she smells bad. You decide to chow her box anyway.
Person 1 "Did you go home with Sarah last night."
Person 2 "Yeh, she smelt so bad"
Person 1 "You pulled a Mr. Wilson didn't you."
Person 2 "ummmmm. yeh"
by StcVader February 29, 2012
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The guy who walks in and ruins your perfectly peaceful dump experience by busting in to the stall next to you and dropping some serious heat of his own.
I was in the safe haven on the first floor and Chuck came in and fucking Mr Wilson'd me.
by Lil Smoke August 02, 2006
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A name used often as a joke to describe one’s a neighbor (typically male) who typically is seen doing odd and sometimes disturbing and pedophelic things
I’m not sure if I want to eat these cookies, Mr. Wilson..
by CandysCalibrator August 22, 2018
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