Awesome Guitarist of Pantera, and Damageplan, currently suffering from death, for which there is not yet a cure.
by TimFS December 28, 2005
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youre god damn right, throw up those fuckin horns and bow down to the metal master
\mm/ too much metal for one hand \mm/
by \m/ brutalness \m/ February 11, 2005
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awesome guitarist from pantera and damage plan
B-rAD is the douch for thinking Dimebag Darrell is crappy.
by D/A August 21, 2005
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LARGELY overrated metal guitarist who has become a legend after being shot in a club. Many of his new followers did not even know of his existence until he was shot. Gained huge coverage in guitar magazines all over the world because he was shot and killed, not because he was the best, or even close to the best guitarist in the world. (I've never seen an issue of GuitarWorld mention him extensively, or at all, until he died. Strange isn't it?)

While he was a decent guitarist he is neither a metal god, guitar god or a legend... he is just an unfortunate victim of a murder. It's sad that he got shot, but it's quite ridiculous how great he is after he's dead, isn't it?

Be warned if you insult Dimebag Darrell in public you're likely to be attacked by his followers. So be careful.
Mike: Hey man have you heard of Dimebag Darrell? He's the best guitarist in the world!
John: Uh... when did you hear about him?
Mike: Oh yesterday
John: You're just saying he's the best because he got shot
John: It's the truth :(
by classic rock fan July 9, 2006
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One of the greatest guitarists in the world. He played for Pantera. He died rather tragically by some fucking idiot on December 8, 2004, exactly 24 years after the death of John Lennon.
Even if you don't like Dime, you have to admit his death was senseless.
by I Hate Conformists May 1, 2005
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