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also known as a demon.
appx. $10 worth of weed, depening on how good the shit is.
yo, you know anyone who sells dime bags anymore?
by hobbit March 03, 2004
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lead guitarist of pantera or 10 dollars worth of weed
dimebag is an amazing guitarist

yo lemme buy a dimebag
by nickelbag October 23, 2003
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A bag or marijuana worth $10, intended to be smoked in a single smoking session.
Let's pick up a dimebag to smoke before class
by Jackson December 03, 2003
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'Dime Bag' is a general term for $10 worth of weed.
Back in the day, a Quarter Ounce (7 Grams) only cost $10. An eighth cost $5, thus the terms, nickel bag and dime bag.
Some cicles still refer to a Quarter Ounce as a 'Dime Bag'.
by JGSR July 13, 2006
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A small bag of marijuana worth $10.00. In Toronto, the going weight for a dimebag is around one gram, but this probably varies from location to location.

The origin of the term may stem from the fact that a dime is ten cents, and a dimebag is ten dollars, reinforced by the nickelbag ($5 worth of marijuana) and the quarter (a quarter-ounce of marijuana).
"Can I get a dimebag off you?"

"Sure, but if you can you should get more, save some cash."
by Ryn0r August 18, 2005
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It's definition is in reference to the old 10-cent phone call. A dime-bag is any douchebag (or -baguette) who uses his/her Blackberry or iPhone or whatever to browse for info that can be used to correct or confirm something that was said in casual conversation. Also 'dime-bagged' (adverb). Synonym of A-phone (as in 'A-hole').
After saying that Jerry Rice holds the NFL record for most touchdowns with 207, Sue's new boyfriend dime-bagged me with the correct number, 208. What an A-phone.
by rhiski12 November 23, 2009
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