also known as a demon.
appx. $10 worth of weed, depening on how good the shit is.
yo, you know anyone who sells dime bags anymore?
by hobbit March 3, 2004
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a little bag filled with ten dollars worth of marijuana.
yo nigga u got a dime bag? pass that shit to me .. that will be ten bucks nigga.. iight yo hea it is , holla back ..
by bailey January 26, 2003
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The most amazing Fu*&ing guitar player ever to grace the Heavy metal stage.
Dimebag was The kindest man in metal, and the man with a heart the SIZE OF TEXAS!
Taken from us on 12/8, but given back in spirit EVERY DAY!!!
See "The Great Sothern Trendkill" "Coyboys From Hell" "Vulgar Display Of Power" "Far Beyond Driven" "New Found Power" And Much, Much, Much More!
Dime bag didnt play the guitar, he played his soul
by Kris Marano June 24, 2006
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Dime bag,
A bag to hold a small quantity of loose items. This term, and the related one nickle bag, both most likely are linked to stores that called themselves Five and Dime Stores. Woolworth's the chain that founded this concept, used to sell items frequently for a nickle or a dime and most stores had a candy counter. The candy counter was stocked with candy in bulk bins and it was purchased in small bags and customers either requested a nickle bag or a dime bag.
I will take a dime bag worth of mints.
by pbmaise October 13, 2011
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Term used by female fashionistas and/or fabulous gays to describe trendy, outlandish handbags which are oft the central demands on upper middle class suburban trophy wives Christmas wish lists.
Fabulous Gay: That Louis Vuitton Brentwood may be cute, but b*tch that Gucci Galaxy is one dime bag.

Upper West Side Fashionista: Tots!
by TTSoze November 19, 2009
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Now costs about $15 dollars
Man can u believe he charges 15dollars for a damn dime bag??
by ELBRENDO October 16, 2006
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While this term usually references specific amounts of drugs for underground purchase, AVN reviewer Guy Norhinf assets this to be slang vernacular for "condom."
"Man, look at that bootylicious dime!"
"Yeah, that's a hot slut for sure, I hope you've got a dime bag.
by Hox June 17, 2006
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