A usually transparent bag that allows the containment and view of American Dimes in it.
Don't swing your Dimebag like that Jeffery, you might hit someone!
by Julius D Maly December 08, 2008
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A dead asshole guitarist for a bunch of second-rate bands. He sounds a whole lot better now he's been given some extra ventilation with a 9mm.
Dimebag Fan: "Oh my god! Someone just shot Dimebag! Call the cops!"
Me: "Cops are already here."
Dimebag Fan: "Why didn't they stop that guy from shooting Dimebag?"
Me: "Figure it out, asshole."
by Ben Lynch March 01, 2005
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A cheap douchebag. A person who relies on simplistic, usually obvious tricks to inconvenience others, or someone who's really upfront about being a jerk.

This term is mostly used in the area of Birmingham, UK but has recently started making the way to other places.

Not to be confused with Dimebag Darrell, an American guitarist and songwriter.
Frank tried to convince me to buy him lunch without even pretending he's gonna pay me back. I wouldn't mind normally, but this is the third time this month! What a dimebag!
by Uncanny Days December 01, 2016
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A bag of marijuna (weed)
Yo Yolanda got the dime bag let's head up to her crib
by ac July 14, 2004
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Term used by female fashionistas and/or fabulous gays to describe trendy, outlandish handbags which are oft the central demands on upper middle class suburban trophy wives Christmas wish lists.
Fabulous Gay: That Louis Vuitton Brentwood may be cute, but b*tch that Gucci Galaxy is one dime bag.

Upper West Side Fashionista: Tots!
by TTSoze November 19, 2009
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Fucking a chick in her ass and taking a shit in her purse while she cleans herself up. Then you leave or kick her ass out.
That hoe from last night gave me bad head, so I left her a dimebag.
by Necio Chile June 29, 2007
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