A dead asshole guitarist for a bunch of second-rate bands. He sounds a whole lot better now he's been given some extra ventilation with a 9mm.
Dimebag Fan: "Oh my god! Someone just shot Dimebag! Call the cops!"
Me: "Cops are already here."
Dimebag Fan: "Why didn't they stop that guy from shooting Dimebag?"
Me: "Figure it out, asshole."
by Ben Lynch March 01, 2005
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Term used by female fashionistas and/or fabulous gays to describe trendy, outlandish handbags which are oft the central demands on upper middle class suburban trophy wives Christmas wish lists.
Fabulous Gay: That Louis Vuitton Brentwood may be cute, but b*tch that Gucci Galaxy is one dime bag.

Upper West Side Fashionista: Tots!
by TTSoze November 19, 2009
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A niche celebrity being shot to death in an unlikely circumstance, like at a rock concert.
"That has-been actor-turned-minimum wage security guard Gary Coleman got dimebagged in an arcade parlor at the mall last night"
by Dirty Harry December 14, 2004
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Fucking a chick in her ass and taking a shit in her purse while she cleans herself up. Then you leave or kick her ass out.
That hoe from last night gave me bad head, so I left her a dimebag.
by Necio Chile June 29, 2007
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