a little bag filled with ten dollars worth of marijuana.
yo nigga u got a dime bag? pass that shit to me .. that will be ten bucks nigga.. iight yo hea it is , holla back ..
by bailey January 25, 2003
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Dimebag Darrel was a great metal guitarist.

But he's not the virtuoso that the media is making him out to be now that he's been shot to death. Pinch harmonics, fast pentatonic solos, whammy bar dives, killer riffs. He's an awesome metal guitarist, but I'd be lying if I said he's one of the best players I've ever heard.

Also, I know it's supposed to be about the music and not about the image, but the number of posers that have been latching onto Pantera/Damageplan now that he's dead is really annoying. Because Pantera was all about going against the mainstream... the real Pantera fans know what I'm talking about
by bryan18 July 28, 2005
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guitarist from pantera and damageplan; greatest guitarist known to man; 10 dollars worth of marijuana
dimebag is as good as zakk wylde.
hey can i get a dimebag?
by nickelbag January 27, 2004
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The best fuckin guitarist whos ever lived. RIP.
Fuck anyone on this site whos said anything negative about dime, if dimebag was here he'd shove a pointy dean up your ass!!
by Chicken1432 March 03, 2005
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The most notorious, if not the greatest, heavy metal guitarist of all-time, with a great attitude, and an unrivaled passion for the genre of music and all that it stood for - the ultimate epitome of heavy metal, usually found on a stage in a small club, medium-sized auditorium or large arena, wielding his guitar like a battle axe and emitting gut-wrenching walls of sound to hundreds of banging heads.
by screambloodygore August 20, 2005
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A cheap douchebag. A person who relies on simplistic, usually obvious tricks to inconvenience others, or someone who's really upfront about being a jerk.

This term is mostly used in the area of Birmingham, UK but has recently started making the way to other places.

Not to be confused with Dimebag Darrell, an American guitarist and songwriter.
Frank tried to convince me to buy him lunch without even pretending he's gonna pay me back. I wouldn't mind normally, but this is the third time this month! What a dimebag!
by Uncanny Days December 01, 2016
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