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Everybody who wouldn't know what all these weak ass fucking trends and all these pussywhipped fucking ideas, fuck 'em all. Cos you know why? The trend is deeeeead!
Josh, "Hey did you pick up the new Avenge Sevenfold CD today!?"

Phil, "No motherfucker, I'll kick your goddamn ass if you mention that shit again, cos you goddamn better well know cos I'm looking in your goddamn eyes right now that you better go pick up The Great Southern Trendkill and bang your goddamn head like its goddamn motherfucking 19 eighty fucking 6."
by MikieH January 21, 2006
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Faggot: i'm gonna look for some top songs on itunes because that's what eeeveryone listens to and its obviously the new awesome thing!
Me: you're a dumbass man, that's the mainstream singers who kissed the contractor's asses to get there instead of actually sticking with their true original stuff, here listen to some Pantera and Lamb of God
Zach: Damn! these songs are kickass! and my name isn't faggot anymore!
Me: that's right boy, it's trendkill time, now throw that mainstream shit away and rock it out!!!
*both rock the fuck out*
by Devourox August 23, 2008
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