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A woman who, like the same-named alcoholic beverage, is so beautiful and pleasurable to enjoy, that you feel drunk just swapping emails with her. Really an out-of-body experience.
"That woman is a real Sherrie."
"Yeah, what's her name?"
"Yeah, you gotta love 'er."
by Jim+my November 17, 2006
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A Flawless Queen. A natural 10/10. She won't need makeup or quirky jokes to woo you, she allures you naturally with her presence.

Thee tanned version of Marilyn Monroe will excite you spontaneously. Nothing but unexpected fun is the motto of her life, all the while creating an exuberant routine.

If you meet this one in a million Queen; put a ring on her finger at the first chance possible or you may miss out to the many other men that dote over her.

She's very career driven and family orientated; she'll move countries to support her family members. This shows her genuine loyalty.

Traveling the world is an avocation to Sherrie, she's a natural when it comes to travel. Despite the vast majority of countries she's seen thus far, there's so many more she want's to see.
If you meet Sherrie, work hard for her because the reward will be worth it.

Adventure, skydiving, good music and a vino is all in a day's fun.
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by Diagnosis invalid; I am DSM-VI October 26, 2019
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