Adjective: displaying traits or characteristics of a dildo.
That party was totally dildonic, I can't believe we went.
by Jobi February 1, 2005
An adjective pertaining to the acts of being an annoying idiot. Ie: if someone is acting like a dildo, they are being dildonic.

As a noun - the perfect example of an annoying idiot.
Man, that customer was a complete dildonic.
Oh shit Dave, that was a really dildonic thing to do, you fucking Twizzler!
by stealthpenguin June 19, 2004
To be almost as annoying/cancerous ad the bubonic plague
Man Jack was being Dildonic
by RemixModding November 29, 2016
The study and manufacturing of ergonomically designed dildos; new area of robotics combined with dildo technology
Probably a lot of lesbians have degrees in dildonics. Sometimes a fag named TJ sneaks in a warehouse and frolics around in a pile of dirty dildos. What a dildo
by buddy February 26, 2003
a massive sword that resembles a dildo, often used for battle or sex in bed
"man i was whit this bitch last night, turns out she had dildon all along."
by JockCoke April 12, 2008
Kelly was dildonating her fat vag last night. Yeah, I saw it and it was really gross.
by Vive Cuervo November 15, 2009