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Josh: Hey, did you know that they also celebrate Halloween in Mexico?
Trent: No, I think you mean the Day of the Dead?
Josh: Nah! I'm talking about Hallowbean!
by medicalmechanica November 4, 2011
A troll whose trolling hours are generally past midnight.
Trent, it's 3am, log off those forums and stop being such a nighttroller.
by medicalmechanica March 15, 2010
Similar to butterface, butterbutt and butterboobs, but when there just isn't anything in a girl's body that looks right. This is generally tied to guys who date fugly chicks because they are blinded with optimism, otherwise known as liberal vision, who think they are beautiful just because their personalities are cool.
-So, did you like my new girlfriend, Betty? We met online.
-Yeah, I can tell, she's nice I guess, BUTTERALL!
by medicalmechanica February 17, 2013
When someone you consider a real friend acts like a total bitch.
Manny: Hey! I hope you don't mind, but I ate your fries 'cause they was getting cold!
Joe: Why thank you! I knew I could count on you as my bitchfriend!
by medicalmechanica August 3, 2010
Adjective used when an emo person chooses and succeeds in attempting suicide.
person 1: hey! I heard Tom finally decided to put himself out of his misery.

person 2: whoa, that's so emocratic of him.
by medicalmechanica March 15, 2010
When someone goes and GETS A LIFE instead of dressing up as an anime character, otherwise known as cosplay.
Jessie: I know! Let's make a Naruto cosplay for the next con!
Bill: Nah, I'm busy playing growplay trying to find a job.
by medicalmechanica June 3, 2010
Aww man, I done broke my chain, I'll need to take it to my dog Darell to fix it, he's a true niggersmith, yo'.
by medicalmechanica March 11, 2012