5 definitions by Qyinni

A community used to harass the rr34 community, it was revived back in 2020.
Anti RR34 sure is great.
by Qyinni September 15, 2021
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roblox rule r34, existed since 2011
im gonna go make some rr34.
by Qyinni September 15, 2021
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a fucking dumbass word moron's say like they're in the right
random person: hey guys i got a new phone
dumbass: didn't ask
random person #2: we could care less if you didnt ask, shut up cunt
by Qyinni March 21, 2021
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Someone who camps In a game, found in bullet hell (roblox)
They use the wolf or deadeye.
Best way to ruin their fun is by using the eagle. The most used gun in bullet hell.
by Qyinni March 8, 2019
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A gun in bullet hell, (roblox.)
This gun is one of the best guns.
It has very good damage.
Typewriter is the best.
by Qyinni March 26, 2019
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