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the kickass show on nickolodeon
they should be sued for taking it off the air.
by Banana April 16, 2005

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Homosexual men are just like any other men in that although they share similiarities, in reality they each have their own individual personality. In that case, a fag hag is simply a girl best friend of any homosexual male. She may or may not have other friends who are homosexual. Just becuase she is a fag hag to one homosexual guy does not mean she will automatically be attracted to other homosexual men in terms of friendship. Some fag hag relationships will last forever, just as other friendships do, they are not merely a phase. Usually a girl will become friends with a homosexual male, not because of his sexual orientation but because she is attracted to his personality and vice versa.
The relationship between a fag and his hag can be generalised by some characteristics. They have a deep understanding and love for each other, sometimes deeper than that between sexual partners because both parties know their love ultimately stems from personality and is not tainted by sexual desire. They will always be protective of each other because although he doesn't want his fag hag (in a sexual way), he doesn't want anyone else to have her either.
by Banana June 17, 2006

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The kid from dexter's labortory who has shiny black hair (in the shape of a helmet) and has a love for Dee-Dee...who by chance is obsessed with CANDY
Mandark's most famous line:
by Banana April 16, 2005

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the online dictionary. very efficient method of quickly looking up words that actually exist. good for doing homework, or quickly defining a word mid convo over msn...

used when talking over someones head. reference that they should take the time too look it up and learn a new word
uh what!?

dictionary.com dumbass
by Banana December 26, 2004

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Insane blonde thing from the show Dexter's labortory. SHe has a secret crush-er (who crushes on her) named Mandark
Try using "Dee-Dee" In a sentence with a crazy monotone to your voice

DEE-DEEEEEE....(and drag out the ee's)
by Banana April 16, 2005

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(n) Green for people who cannot pronounce their "R's"
When I was a wittle child I wunned awound scweaming GWEEN.
by Banana April 15, 2005

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Man Bosums. Or..Boobs.
Daaaayumm, That fatass has big moosums
by Banana April 15, 2005

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